Monday, January 6, 2014


It is sad and ridiculous that the world has become filled more and more w/unkindness and meaness that I can comprehend less and less as to the whys and wherefores. So I felt a need to share, not to upset, but to create more awareness, whether you like cats or not. It's the basis of the incident that matters. 
What kind of infantile idiots are running around out there. This makes me so angry and hurt that whoever it is would NOT want to meet ME!! All I can do right now is cry because I've had a 5 yr. relationship w/ a feral at Oxford Apt.s and I know how it feels to win over a feral & have that special relationship. I know what it feels like to see they connection in their eyes and to feel they know you care for them and are helping them to survive the hardships of outdoor life. 

Please read and share. Thank you. xxxx  g

While many of us are sharing the joys of the holiday season, one Astoria neighborhood is wracked with grief. 
The Christmas time cat killer has stolen their Christmas spirit. 
Neighbor after neighbor, is reeling from the shock and horror that someone in their midst is a serial killer.
The 7 sweet little souls known as The Astoria 7, lured, trapped and poisoned, never to receive their Christmas treats and toys.
So many people fed and sheltered these 7 beautiful animals. 
For some folks, a visit from their favorite kitty was the highlight of their day. 
Now these same people, that awaited the arrival the cats each day, are stunned and sad.
They sit in their kitchens and stare out the windows with tears in their eyes. 
The Christmas time cat killer has left a barren landscape, 
A retiree stares at her empty windowsill, where the sweet , shy little female cat named Simba would wait happily for her breakfast every morning. 
On a neighbors back step where a lovely big cat known as Old Orange would sun himself, lay now only dead leaves.
A woman who woke early each day with joy in heart, looking forward to serving breafast to her little colony. can no longer bear to look out her kitchen door.
A young family who grew up with these kitties, shares their cell phone photos of the missing, and wonders how such a thing could happen.
In house after house with cupboards stocked with cat food, Christmas treats and cat toys (yes, feral cats like toys too) a sense of loss permiates.
Those of us who still beleive in Santa, are asking for just one thing.
Bring to justice this cruel person/persons who has brought so much heartache to our community, in what should be our season of joy.
If you have any information about this crime, please share it with us.
You can remain anonymous.
Please call or text: 917-627-4950 or email
We are offering a $500 cash reward or a donation to your favorite charity for any information leading to the capture of this/these killers.
All statistics point it being someone very close to us all
Be very careful with any pets, because we have reports of cans of cat food and tuna laced with antifreeze being left about the alley.
Help put a stop to animal cruelty.

find us on
facebook: astoria7
twitter: astoria_7

I think "Animal Cruelty Resulting in Death" should be a whole NEW category charge and the guilty should be sent to prison, fined, and made to work in a shelter under strict supervision  w/ ball& chain on! They should be allowed the most meager of food and a cold prison cell in winter
Harsh? yes. But Im fed up w/ this kind of crap!


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