Friday, September 4, 2009


A new study is out which declares that writers of postcards were the
original Tweeters...

Edwardians discovered 'Twitter' first!!
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I can see the relationship of postcards and Twitter. They had (have
still) limited space for your message. You had to write small if you
wanted to say a lot, so planning out ahead of the writing was a fairly
important part of the process... especially if you were using an

I began collecting vintage postcards via eBay a couple of years ago.
As a result, I a have a small group of postcards which features cats
and birds and good wishes for New Years, birthdays, and Christmas. But
the prized cards focus on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, which in part,
can be seen on my postcard blog.

Reading those old "tweets" is like reading bits of diaries of past
lives. Other than the hand written words of a long gone era, I love
the art work and old photographic imagery on vintage cards. The
photographic images of the coast pre-Camille / pre-Katrina are
especially wonderful.

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