Sunday, September 20, 2009


Technology and A Wedding

Some might say it's ridiculous to live-stream and Tweet during such an event as a wedding. They also may think that perhaps Tweeting has gotten to the point of being addictive. However, I think it's totally sweet and pretty darn cool!

Now I don't even know Chuck and Lori, but I have an interest in their wedding as it relates to technology. In addition to their own live-stream and Tweeting of the event, it was also Tweeted and blogged by attendant, Steve Garfield. Again, I don't know Steve, but I follow him on Twitter because he's a techy sort of guy.

Anyway, as a result of my interest in technology, Chuck and Lori now have their wedding pushed a bit further out into the world at large. Their story and Off-on-a-Tangent-Steve's are being Re-Tweeted here and blogged via iPhone from the Sunday morning comfort of my own feather bed. Technology is sweet!

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Steve's blog: Off On A Tangent


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Steve Garfield said...

Thanks for linking to and commenting on the story. The live stream gave me a way to 'attend' the Minnesota wedding from Boston and be a part of it.

bluecat said...

Your welcome. The whole thing was totally cool.