Friday, June 25, 2010


This is certainly true for me relative to the topic of weather and
storm chasers.

As I found more weather people to follow on my original cat/ weather/
general topic Twitter account, I decided to go for an additional "all
weather" Twitter account, mswxChick. It began growing and becoming so
interesting to have related tweets in one location! Plus, I got great,
real-time info during the Yazoo City, MS tornado!

Then came the disasterous BP OIL SPILL! I found myself looking for
more groups and newspaper Tweeters. Now my Weather Tweets are mixed
with Oil Spill Tweets. So, it keeps growing and now Oil Tweets are
ending up on my Facebook page... which is really giving me a workout -
It's a lot of news to deal with, but I see it as a way to be more of
the activist I already was due to Katrina: thus my blog:
which now "contains oil."

"Social Networks Play a Major Part in How We Get News - [STATS]"


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